Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Protest

I have forwarded the following on to several newspapers and radio stations. I expect this to be printed next week in the Longford Leader as well as the Irish Times. I have contacted you several times before with regard to the way the immigration Dept has dealt with my family at different times and here is another typical case. I was just wondering wether you could fit this minor issue into your busy schedule before I it is printed or I go on radio.
You have not been helpful to me or my family in the past but I have been advised to give you a chance to do something in this regard. I am after all a resident in your constituency and my wife does have a vote.
Gerald Francis

I was brought to work in Ireland on the 4/7/2001 for a company called Liffey Meats in Ballijamesduff as a Maintenance Fitter, and although a contract was signed in South Africa the conditions were not adhered at to and with the help of Noel o Hanaran Solicitors I had to move on.
I have lived and worked legally in Ireland since the abovementioned date and in October last year applied for a Stamp 5 residency stamp without condition to remain in Ireland. I have also attached corresponding documents to this effect.
I was advised that I could not get this stamp as I had not fulfilled the criteria i.e. I have not been in the country long enough. The pre-requisite for this stamp is 8 years residency which I can prove by virtue of stamps in my passport, bank statements, taxes statements, mortgage statements….yes mortgage statements and a letter from the Immigration Gard in Co Longford.
My wife and two youngest kids are naturalised Irish having lived in country two months less than I have.
So here is what I am mow going to do in protest.
I will not be renewing my Stamp 4 as this only lasts for 2 years at a time. I will then effectively become illegal…..I will then loose my job as I will be illegal. The Government will then be obliged to take care of my wife and kids as they are Irish. I was granted a Mortgage in 2003 even though I didn’t have the right to remain in country for the duration of the mortgage….yeah that’s right…so when I loose my well paid job that is not dependant on the Economy I will not be able to pay my mortgage or any other bills whilst Immigration make absurd decisions. They then have a right to deport me but can not do anything to the rest of my family….which will in turn be a case for the courts, which in all probability the state will loose.
So I beg the question George …..What sort of people do they want to live in Ireland….thieving Romanian Gypsies or good honest working people who have never been unemployed for over 9 years oh and by the way I am a coloured South African married to a Coloured South African women whose daughter won the Mini Connaught's Irish Dancing Champs last year as well as the girls National U12 Cycling road race champs and two National bronze medals on the track, yet her father may be deported.
I have started a protest on Face book and here is the link to some of the comments in response
I look forward to chatting to you George and hope that you will invite me on show as my I think my situation is deplorable. My personal contact number is 0833478003.

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